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The check engine light is usually not “the problem” with your vehicle’s performance. The problem is usually “the response” to the check engine light. No, it’s not a time to panic just because the light came on. But many drivers don’t take the warning seriously enough because there are no other visible or audible signs. This lulls drivers into a false sense of security. They may tell themselves that they have time to bring their vehicle to Precision International, and end up delaying service attention. While we don’t want you to be alarmed by the check engine trouble code light, we do want you to be alerted and proactive. The most common mistake is that drivers will attempt to self-diagnose their vehicle’s condition. Your vehicle’s issue could be anything from a loose gas cap to a transmission repair need. Even professional mechanics are not able to accurately diagnose an automotive warning light without a proper obd II inspection. Precision International in Asheville, NC uses the latest technologies and diagnostic equipment to let you know exactly what’s happening with your vehicle. That should be your first priority, bringing it to our experts for an accurate diagnosis.

When that little amber light pops onto your dashboard it will be a solid color. This is a normal alert designed to give you plenty of time to get to our facility. We don’t want anything discouraging you from visiting our shop. A check engine light repair was probably not on your to-do list, so our technicians respect your time by giving you a quick and accurate diagnostic service. Getting you the information you came for is number one, performing the service while you wait is next. Timing is everything! Your speedy response to your vehicle’s internal warning system is vital to our preventative maintenance and auto repairs. If you continue to drive with a check engine light alert, you could be doing irreparable damage to your vehicle’s components. You can avoid extensive and expensive repairs by letting our team accurately diagnose and repair any problem. It’s much more cost-effective to let our team perform any necessary services before any parts need to be replaced. At Precision International, we make the best use of your time, getting you back on the road in better condition than you came to us. Get rid of that annoying little light today, as well as any performance problem that triggered it.

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Check engine light alerts happen to the best of drivers, and the best of vehicles! Your response will often determine how extensive the damages are to your vehicle’s parts, like your catalytic converter or oxygen sensor. But it could also be a lot of nothing, like a loose gas cap or spark plugs. Let our experts find out for you. Come to our facility as soon as possible so we can diagnose which error codes your vehicle is throwing. The check engine light truly is a mystery, and your fault codes can only be discovered by expert techs using expert equipment. Whatever we find, we’ll be able to fix it while you wait. Give us a call today at 828-670-9191 to schedule your automotive repair service appointment and keep your car running efficiently. You can go ahead and schedule your appointment right now using our convenient online scheduling system. Just pick a day and time that works for you, and we’ll meet you here. Next time you’re in the area, just stop in to meet our auto service experts!