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Is it the Battery or the Alternator?

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Is it the Battery or the Alternator?

Could it be a Fuse?

Click, click, click… the car won't start. A dead battery is one of the most frustrating and common electrical issues when it comes to owning a vehicle. But, a cousin of the battery–the alternator–can give false hope to a strong battery. Mostly because their symptoms look very much the same. When you drive your vehicle, the alternator has a job to charge the battery. When the battery is dead, it usually leaves two options: a dead battery or a bad alternator. At Precision International in Asheville, North Carolina, we have the best diagnostic equipment to investigate battery and alternator issues. Our ASE Certified Auto Mechanics will troubleshoot the electrical system and get you up and running quickly to help you get back to your busy life.

As we open the hood and analyze the battery, the components we routinely check are the battery cable connections, corrosion at those connections, and the security of the battery. When the battery looks clean, without rust or corrosion, and it's secure in its compartment, either the battery has run out of life or the alternator is draining the battery charge. Either way, a component must be replaced to get you back on the road.

Fuses prevent power surges from destroying or damaging other components in the systems. Blown fuses can also disrupt electrical flow throughout the vehicle. As we continue the troubleshooting, we come across the starter and solenoid. With a functioning starter and solenoid, the vehicle will start. Did you ever bang on your starter with a hammer? That's why some people do that, though it is not recommended for a long-term solution.

Without a spark, there is no start. Spark plugs provide energy to a lifeless engine by igniting the air-fuel mixture during combustion. When spark plugs are worn, you will notice poor engine performance. Replacing the spark plugs will put new juice back into your vehicle and increase efficiency.

Precision International in Asheville, North Carolina, invites you to stop by our shop at [23 Sardis Road, Asheville, North Carolina_link] or give us a call at [as_828-490-4680] and have a complete vehicle inspection on part longevity. At Precision International, we cover all the electrical possibilities. We'll notify you if we find any issues and recommend what parts to replace. We take the worry out of electrical guesswork.

Written by Precision International