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Slipping Transmission Alerts

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Slipping Transmission Alerts

Don't Drag Your Clutch

Most people love a road trip to a new place for fun and adventure: the open road, blue skies, and sunshine on our skin appeal to many. But nothing can ruin your road trip faster than hearing an unusual noise or the smell of burning oil from your vehicle. If you suspect your transmission is the reason, you most likely need professional attention.

What should you do? The first thing to do is check the transmission fluid level. If the fluid level is ok, there may be a mechanical failure in the transmission. First, look underneath the vehicle. If a leak is present, red, sweet-smelling fluid will be on the ground? If you don't feel confident smelling it, that's fine. But, if you see it leaking from beneath your vehicle, it's time for Precision International in Asheville, North Carolina, to take a look. They've serviced transmissions since 1979 and have a highly skilled team to repair any transmission issue.

Early signs of transmission failure include: leaking fluid, check engine light warnings, difficulty shifting gears, grinding or squealing noises, a dragging clutch, worn-out bearings and teeth, and slipping gears. Burning smells indicate low transmission fluid and overheating. Heat can lead to severe damage and needs immediate attention at Precision International. If you're hearing weird noises in neutral, it may be time for a transmission flush or new fluids. Either way, it's time to visit Precision International.

If your clutch is dragging, a failure to engage the disk from the flywheel when you press the clutch pedal, it's a sign of mechanical failure or misplacement of the clutch. When the check engine light comes on, it's time for immediate help. Pull over and call Precision International. Suppose your vehicle is having trouble shifting gears and going into gear. In that case, your car may be at risk for transmission failure. Another error can be putting in the wrong type of transmission fluid.

When your vehicle is in gear and traveling down the road, and it suddenly slips out of gear under its own will and the engine revs, there's a transmission problem. It almost feels like hydroplaning or being on black ice. Under this dangerous situation, release the accelerator, hit your emergency flashers, honk if necessary, and get off the road safely. The next step is to call Precision International at (828) 670-9191 or visit the shop at 23 Sardis Road Asheville, NC 28806 to receive a transmission inspection.

Written by Precision International