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Stop Pushing So Hard!

Are You Prepared to Stop Fast?

As you cruise the Blue Ridge Mountains, you hit sweeping curves, and edgy mountain outkicks and come across abundant wildlife. At a moment's notice, you might need to stop fast. Mountain driving is not the time for brake failure. When you neglect brake safety, you may start to smell things like burnt metal or smells that don't exist out of fear that your brakes are about to fail. Some drivers even develop a condition known as phantosmia, which causes people to smell odors that aren't present. Forget the diagnosis; drive to Precision International in Asheville, North Carolina, and talk with the brake experts about brake repair.

You may notice slower stopping times, unusual vibrations, or even a spongy or soft brake pedal when driving. Suppose you sense or feel these things while driving. In that case, it's time to have a complete brake inspection at Precision International in Asheville, North Carolina. An interesting fact you should know: brake failure and transmission failure have similar warning signs that every driver should know. So, don't be surprised if you bring your car to us and we have a slightly different diagnosis. Our state-of-the-art equipment can easily distinguish between the two issues, so it's imperative that you get your vehicle to us promptly once these symptoms are spotted.

Brake failure can also include the vehicle being pulled to one side of the road with unusual vibrations when braking. When vehicles have similar symptoms with different failing components, the experts at Precision International in Asheville, North Carolina, know the difference, so you don't have to.

Leaking brake fluid is usually a sign of a damaged master cylinder. The master cylinder stores the brake fluid, and braking power comes from hydraulic pressures created between the cylinder and brake lines. Master cylinders are expensive to replace. To protect this brake component, it's recommended to have a preventive maintenance plan for your brakes in place. This is a great solution to save money from an unnecessary brake repair.

Brake failure and squealing sounds usually mean metal-on-metal contact with the rotors. The metal from the worn-down brake pads makes direct contact with the rotators causing excessive heat and a lack of stopping power. The job of the brake pads is to reduce the heat and friction on the rotors during braking. To protect the rotors, manufacturers have placed small holes for ventilation to prevent heat buildup during braking. When brake pads are worn down or damaged, the result is increased foot pressure on the brake pedal, poor braking, and slower stopping times.

Don't develop phantosmia. If your brake time is slower than normal–or if you’re hearing grinding noises or see brake fluid under your vehicle–call Precision International at (828) 670-9191 or visit the shop at 23 Sardis Road Asheville, NC 28806 to receive a brake inspection.

Written by Precision International